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Understanding the beautiful mind of women

Danusan, as many men before them, want to explore and understand the beautiful mind of women. The duo will be doing this by executing various tasks and challenges, and which the chosen three women will be asked to perform.
The ages of the women vary between 20 to 60, this array of age will better reflect the society and have a better outcome from this experimentation.

Maya Scerri will represent all the ladies that are in their 20’s and early 30’s. Diana Cassar Bonnici will take the responsibility of representing all women between the ages of mid-30’s till mid 40’s and Mary Grace Vella is the represent of women up till the age of 60’s.

Maya, Diana and Mary Grace will give their perspective on why women take long to prepare for an event and why do they choose to wear complicated garments. Twenty 2 Sixty will also discuss topics related to women’s health and their safety. In the span of 13 episodes, we shall understand what empowers woman by asking the participants sets of questions and challenges which are designed particularly to get a clearer perspective.


Every Wednesday on 92.7FM at 7 PM and on ONE TV at 9 PM

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Introduction of the board

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Maya is the youngest among the participants with past experience on local TV shows. Maya is blunt and always speaks her mind! 

She is engaged but apparently has another love in her life: food and the gym. 

She’ s always focused on her appearance and she would never show up unless she is made up from head to toe.




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Diana is a beauty therapist, married and has a 13-year-old son. 

A neat, petite woman, and a little shy – unless she hears a phrase that demeans a woman. 

She believes women should follow what their heart desires and never limit themselves. 

Diana is in the Fashion Industry and will be representing Malta in England this February. 



Mary Grace



Mary Grace is married and a housewife with four grandchildren. 

She brightens up the room with her kind, open and friendly approach. 

Shyness is unknown to Grace and this will be very evident during the program, where she will be sharing with us her experiences and thoughts on various subjects.

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